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First Saint John Lutheran Church -Kensington, Kansas

Our Church

The spirit of First Saint John Lutheran Church today is in many ways similar to that same pioneer spirit. We do not approach mission and ministry today with an attitude that says, “Let’s just do what we can to survive or ‘get by’ as a church and community.” The early church founders built with the hope and faith that God would bless their efforts and make their church and labor for the Lord fruitful, producing for many generations to come. The members of First Saint John continue the legacy of faithfulness that celebrates the strengths and merits of the past yet always searches for new and effective ways to promote the work of the Kingdom of God and the power of the Gospel. It is a joy to be a part of such a history.  Jesus, the Lord of the Church, continues to open doors of ministry for us at First Saint John. He will, as in the past, continue to bless our efforts to serve Him and His people, both now, and for years to come.

From my own perspective, I have never known a greater place to call ‘home.’ A home is more than location and a church, more than a building. It is a gathering of people who are to you, family and friends. A church “Built on Christ, Blessed by the Father, Bound by the Spirit.” This family of faith will continue to be a blessing to our people and community from now until the day that Christ comes again and we are all called to the glory of the faithful. – Pastor Dave Hutson

Our Pastor

Pastor Dave Hutson has blessed our church for the past 30+ years.  

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