Youth & Children

First Saint John welcomes all young children, youth and their families to participate in their own part of mission projects throughout each year.  Opportunities to join in Sunday School, Confirmation, Youth Group, Vacation Bible School, Education – Preschool and other special seasonal events such as Christmas and Musical programs.

A ministry to help our young grow in faith, serve and discover God’s work within their lives.

Vacation Bible School 2016



1st St. John Lutheran's Daddy/Daughter Dance - April 24, 2017!

Pictures taken by the talented Nicole Glynn - Country Livin' Photography.

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Adult Ministry provides many opportunities for the adults including young adults at First Saint John to acquire knowledge, wisdom, attitudes, beliefs, skills and abilities to think, feel and act in ways that reflect a desire to follow Christ.


We encourage serving through music and entertainment.  At First Saint John we continue to upgrade our technology equipment to enhance our Musical Ministry.  We are singing, playing and growing in the family of the church - finding friendship, support, musical satisfaction and fun.



First Saint John has a wonderful comprehensive educational program aimed to create an environment that presents every child, young adult and adult with opportunities to grow in a vibrant relationship with God and God’s creations.

785-476-2247 (Preschool)

(Mrs. Synoground)

Contact Mrs. Synoground via email @:

Preschool Ages 3-4 (1st Year Students) - M/W 8:30-11:30am or T/Th 8:30-11:30am

Preschool Ages 4-5 (2nd Year Students) - M/T/W/Th 12:45-3:45pm