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TR - Spring Break!!!; March 16th-20th - Have a Great Break!

Thunder Ridge - Contest Music Recital; On Sunday afternoon, 2:00 pm of March 29th - some of the musicians of Thunder Ridge will have a recital in our Parish Hall as a practice performance of their solo pieces for the upcoming music contest.  Come and hear the kids play their solo performances.  The music will be awesome and it will help them gain some valuable experience at performance.  

Phillippians Study Group; This month we will be starting into the 4th and final chapter of Philippians.  This has been a helpful and very interesting study.  The group has certainly enjoyed it.  We are considering further options for the study to continue.  Come and join us and we would be happy to hear your interests or suggestions for further study and conversation.  


Preschool News

January found the children learning about the wonderful season of winter.  Each day Ms. Stacy promised if it snows outside, we will have a snowball fight inside!!  Well....., we've only had 2 days where we got to have our winter inside.  I'm pretty sure the kiddos are hoping for another snow day inside!  Our worksheets correlated with the winter season.  Art found the kids making "Frosty the Snowman," winter trees, polar bears and bird feeders.  

With February around the corner, we will see if Mr. Groundhog sees his shadow.  I know for a fact the kiddos are really wanting enough snow so they can make snowmen, snow angels, sledding and, of course, an outside snowball fight. :)

Here's wishing each of you a very happy Valentine's Day.  Remember we have the best love of all.....God's unconditional love!!

Love and Cheers, 

Ms. Stacy and the preschool kiddos


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